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I enjoy working with clients to create one-of-a-kind fiber pieces designed for a particular space. My first step in the process is to visit the home or building to see the space, talk with the clients, and get a feel for what would work best for them.

Some people know exactly what they want down to the color, texture, technique, size and shape. Others might have just a particular color in mind -- or know the feeling or mood they want. Sometimes a person wants a woven piece, but isn't sure about different techniques or possibilities. My list of considerations (see below) can help to narrow down the choices.

 It helps to have samples of carpet, wallpaper, drapery or upholstery fabric to borrow, if possible.

 I submit a design and proposal – a sketch of the planned piece, yarn samples, price (plus sales tax), and estimated completion date. My design fee of $100 (payable when the proposal’s presented) is deducted from the final price. My price for tapestries is usually $100 per square foot, depending on techniques and materials.

 When a proposal is accepted, I ask for one-third deposit, then order yarns and supplies. I recommend that clients visit my studio at least twice while I'm weaving the work, especially at the beginning and halfway stages, to make sure we both agree on the progress.

 The balance of payment is due on completion and installation. 

 I also take custom orders for dyed silk scarves, baby blankets and pillows. Please call (360-331-7709) or email for prices and information.




Do you prefer a flat piece (thin?  thick?) or something textured?  How about three-dimensional?

Would you like something abstract?  Representational?  Or patterned?

Do you want to be able to see through it?  Let light through?  Should the wall show through?

Will this be the major interest in the area, or do you want it to blend with or complement the surroundings?  Do you want it to draw attention to something else -- a piece of furniture, wall treatment or art work?

What kind of lighting is (or will be) in that area?  Will the piece be in direct sunlight?

Will it be mounted on the wall?  Hung from the ceiling?  Free-standing?

What predominant color do you want?  Do you need to tie together two or more unrelated colors?

Do you want to "soften" a space full of glass, metal or plastic?

Does the piece need to absorb sound?

How much do you want to invest in the piece?

What about size?  Is one piece better, or a series of smaller ones?